3.5.2 Vacation for Administrative Officers and Twelve-Month Staff

Vacation and Personal Leave requires preapproval by an employee’s supervisor, and requests for vacation or personal leave shall be made as far in advance as reasonably possible.  Vacations shall be scheduled by department heads with attention to the needs of the University, but also with consideration of an employee's continuous service credit and amount of personal leave accrued and unused.  Within the requirement to maintain work schedules, each department of the University will attempt to accommodate the employee's personal schedule preferences.  The source of vacation days is the balance of personal leave.  
Employees are allowed credit for vacation days based on continuous months of service during the calendar year of (January 1 – December 31).    
Continuous months of Service
Allowable use of Vacation Days
6  to 12 months
Employee may use six (6) days
12 months to 60 months
Employee may use fifteen (15) days
Employees with 61 months or more
Employee may use up to eighteen (18) days
In no case may vacation days exceed an employee's personal leave balance.  Neither should an employee’s scheduled vacation time extend over into the next year. 
When an approved vacation has been consummated, the vacation leave time used is to be reported on the Report of Absence of University Employees Form through the appropriate channel to the Division of Human Resources.  This same form also records the supervisor’s pre-approval for planned personal or medical leave.
Persons requesting to continue their services during the normal time for the vacation may not receive extra pay for such services.  In such cases, the department chair or director will arrange for a suitable vacation to begin at some other time.