3.5.8 Administrative Leave

Jury Duty
Jury Duty is recognized as a civic responsibility.  A regular full-time or part-time employee serving as a juror may be granted Administrative Leave with pay.
Special leave with pay shall not be granted for court attendance when the employee is the defendant or is engaged in personal litigation.  Personal leave shall be used for this purpose.
The University supports civic responsibilities.  Employees are encouraged to exercise their right to vote and where possible, vote before or after working hours.  However, if a situation arises where an employee can only vote at a time when he/she is scheduled to be at work, the immediate supervisor may make an exception.
Military Leave & Re-employment Rights
Jackson State University employees who have regular employment status with the University and who are called to active duty on a short notice, because of national emergencies may be granted military leave of absence without pay beginning on the date of the call to military services. 
Jackson State University employees who are members of the reserve components of the United States Armed Forces may be allowed fifteen (15) working days for military leave within a calendar year.