4.12.2 Travel within the city limits of Jackson

Employees required to make routine trips within the city limits may receive reimbursements at the rate approved by the state.  Only one travel voucher per month is required.  A written log of these trips indicating the purpose and destination must accompany the Travel Reimbursement Voucher.  The following individuals, departments, or offices are authorized to receive reimbursement for travel within the city limits if a University vehicle is not available:
  1. Faculty who conduct student teacher visitation
  2. Purchasing Department
  3. Office of Publications
  4. College of Lifelong Learning
  5. Office of Research and Development, and
  6. As specifically identified by the President
Mileage is not reimbursed between any regular place of work and home, and mileage is not reimbursed for any personal, non-employment-related, travel.