4.12.3 International Travel

The University President must approve all travel outside of the continental limits of the United States (Canada, Hawaii, and Mexico are outside these limits) prior to departure.  For any state or federal funds to be expended for travel outside the Continental United States, the President must determine that the travel would be extremely beneficial to JSU, and a written concurrence from the Governor and Department of Finance and Administration must be obtained prior to submitting the request to the Commissioner for consideration.


Approval Process

After the Travel Itinerary Form has been completed, it should be routed for signatures in the following order:

  1. Department Head, Director, or VP of the area

  2. Grants and Contracts Department (only if externally sponsored grants or contracts will be charged for travel costs)

  3. Travel Coordinator should route the itinerary to Business and Finance for approval.


Note:  No employee can approve his/her own travel costs.

The Travel Coordinator will monitor the department budget for availability of funds.  If funds are not available, the Travel Coordinator will return the itinerary to the department.  If funds are available, the Travel Coordinator will sign the itinerary.  A copy of the approved Travel Authorization will be made and returned to the appropriate department.