4.13.16 Rental of Automobiles

The Facilities and Construction Management Department must coordinate the use of a rental car for any business travel.  The rental of automobiles for travel within the state is prohibited except when the use of a personal vehicle will exceed the cost of a rental car and a University-owned vehicle is not available.  Approval to rent an automobile must be secured in advance to making the trip.
The rental of automobiles is permitted for out-of-state travel only after the primary destination has been reached, and only if official duties require mobility beyond that which may be accomplished through the use of taxis, city buses, and intra-city-railways.  The rental of an automobile should be anticipated and approval obtained before the rental is made. Only the actual cost of the rental car can be claimed for reimbursement when such rental is less expensive than the mileage reimbursement rates per mile.  An original rental receipt is required for reimbursement.
The following conditions justify use of rental cars:
  • When destination is reached by commercial carrier, and the employee traveler has several places to visit within the area.
  • When transportation between commercial carrier terminal and the place of Lodging/meeting is needed and a taxi, limousine, or shuttle is not available. 
  • When employee traveler’s schedule cannot be met by a commercial carrier.
  • Jackson State University will NOT reimburse for rental cars, taxis, limousines/shuttles obtained for personal use, such as sightseeing or optional travel to/from restaurants, while on official University travel.
Note: Please contact the Facilities and Construction Management Department for more information.