4.13.2 Lodging

All lodging expenses must be necessary and reasonable.  Government rates must always be used if it is the lowest rate available.  “State rates,” which may differ from government rates, should be requested so as to ensure the lowest rate is obtained.  Rates must be confirmed at the time of the reservation and again at check-in.
Lodging expenses must be documented with a paid itemized original receipt.  Express checkout receipts that do not provide an itemization of lodging charges are not acceptable documentation for reimbursement.
If the employee traveler stays with a relative or friend, an explanation to that effect should be noted on the Travel Reimbursement Voucher to address the absence of lodging costs.
If a University employee on official travel status is accompanied by someone who is not an employee of the University (spouse, children, friend, etc.), the Employee Traveler is only entitled to reimbursement at the single room rate.