The Department of Purchasing and Travel is the central authority for the procurement of commodities, equipment, and services to be used by any Jackson State University department or agency.  The procurement process for Jackson State University is conducted in compliance with Section 31-7-13, Mississippi Code of 1972 (annotated), the State of Mississippi's Office of Purchasing, and Travel Purchasing Manual and with established university policy and procedures.
The Department of Purchasing and Travel has the sole authority to order supplies, materials, and equipment, and to obligate the University for contractual services.  Jackson State University's Director of Purchasing and Travel and designated Purchasing Agents only have the authority to place an order directly with a vendor, to enter into a contract or lease, or to obligate the University in any way unless:  The University President specifically authorizes an individual to do so in writing, or the Vice President for Business and Finance or the Director of Purchasing and Travel delegates purchasing authority to specific individuals for a specific term or purpose.  Please see the University’s contract delegation policy for information pertaining to contracting authority.