Purchasing a Computer
The Department of Computing and Communications (DCC) has developed this (POLICY 4.17) standard guide to assist faculty, staff, and administration in selecting computer hardware and software that’s supported by Information Technology.  Below is a list of desktop and notebook computers with minimum specifications that DCC recommends.  This equipment was carefully researched and selected to reduce the cost of administrative computing at Jackson State University. The intent is to create a stable, standardized, manageable, and cost effective computing platform to run administrative computer applications.  The Department of Computing and Communications will accomplish this by restructuring and simplifying the buying process, and selecting computer hardware and software for optimal performance and price.
For each computer, DCC has a custom set of standard software applications that we support.  While it may be the case that other software appeals to you for purchase, choosing an alternative must be weighed against the fact that DCC cannot guarantee as high a level of support as would be provided with the recommended standard software. 
Additionally, it is important when purchasing equipment to consider the benefits of the University at large.  The majority of the cost of owning a computer comes from the maintenance and support of the device.  To the extent that we are able to standardize on hardware and software configurations, enormous financial and operational benefits accrue to Jackson State University.  Therefore, choosing to forego these recommended specifications is discouraged unless there is approval from the Computing and Communications Department.