Only the issuance of an official Jackson State University purchase order, or a contract signed by the University's Director of Purchasing and Travel or designated Purchasing Agent or the University's Vice President for Business and Finance will permit the use of University funds in connection with requisitions or purchase orders.  Orders given by phone, the opening of credit accounts (by an individual other than an authorized Purchasing Agent) in the name of the Jackson State University, and walk-in orders are considered unauthorized purchases.
Purchasing procedures fall within state guidelines under provisions of state law.  In addition, internal guidelines are published to provide good internal and budgetary control.  Procedures must be applied to all expenditures regardless to sources of funds (i.e., Grants and Auxiliaries).
Current purchasing laws require a minimum of two (2) quotes to accompany purchases of $5,000.01 up to $50,000.00.  All purchases $50,000.01 and over, require competitive bidding.  The Department of Purchasing and Travel should be consulted for assistance on any purchasing matters.