4.7.11 Terminal Pay

Separation from service may be voluntary (resignation at the employees discretion) or involuntary (at the University’s discretion).  An employee separating on a voluntary basis shall provide a one (1) month advance notice prior to the last day of expected attendance.  
An employee who is terminated will be entitled to pay for the unused portion of his/her earned personal leave not to exceed thirty (30) days.  No payment will be made for accrued major medical leave unless the employee presents medical evidence that his/her physical condition is such that he/she can no longer work in a capacity with the University.  In such case, the employee may be paid for no more than 120 days of earned major medical leave.
Grant employees shall receive up to the same thirty (30) personal leave days following termination of their employment.  The last paycheck will be printed and must be picked up from the Department of Financial Services.