4.9.2 Non-Mandatory Deductions

Non-mandatory deductions are elections made by the employee by written request and authorization.  These deductions commence and terminate upon the employee’s authorization.  Employees must complete the Payroll Deduction form to authorize a voluntary deduction.  Any authorization to withhold from the earnings of an employee will terminate and such withholding will cease for any of the following events:
  • Termination of employment
  • Written notice by the employee of cancellation of such former authorization
  • Expiration of the time during which such withholding was authorized when the total amount authorized has been withheld

Group Health, Life, Medical, and Dental Insurance

Employees incurring an expense applicable to participation in an insurance program shall have premiums payroll deducted at the applicable rates.  In the event that an employee’s compensation is insufficient to cover the cost of a deduction, the employee bears responsibility for payment.