5.1.4 Bulletin Boards – e-boards

Jackson State University’s electronic message centers, or e-boards, serve as a communication tool targeted to the campus and surrounding community.  All messages appearing on the e-Boards will clearly support and advance the University’s mission of teaching, research, and service.  The e-boards may only be used by entities directly related to, governed, or sponsored by Jackson State University.  Event announcements should be open to the public view, although JSU’s electronic message centers will remain non-public forums.
  • Events and activities are announced for a maximum of 14 consecutive days.  The sign administrator may extend the days if the nature of the event warrants.  The sign administrator also has the discretion to pre-empt any scheduled message for emergency announcements of any kind.
  • Announcements to be included in the e-board should be submitted by campus staff at least two weeks in advance to a member of the Public Relations staff.
  • Messages must direct viewers to contact departments with University phone numbers.
  • Messages must have the approval of the Department of Public Relations of Jackson State University prior to running on e-boards.