5.3.2 Automobile Registration

All motor vehicles operated on campus by staff personnel MUST be registered with the Department of Public Safety.  Upon payment of fees, staff employees are issued a decal, which must be placed on the employee's vehicle according to the instructions.
The decal permits the driver to park in certain designated areas, marked ‘‘Faculty and Staff’’.  Upon the first day of employment, decals must be secured and placed on vehicles.  Fees for parking decals may be payroll deducted in one, two, three, or four installments.
If for any reason you cease to own or operate that vehicle on the campus, you should remove the decal and take it to the Department of Public Safety to exchange it for a new one.  In case of a wreck in which the vehicle is a total loss, some proof (a copy of the accident report) must be presented before a new decal can be issued.
If needed, and an employee fails to present physical evidence of once having purchased a parking decal, another purchase will be necessary.
Drivers not conforming to regulations will receive a traffic citation.  The violator shall be subject to a penalty of $50.00* which shall be paid within seven (7) days from the date the citation is issued.  The University reserves the right to restrict or withdraw campus-driving privileges to violators.
The University also reserves the right to have vehicles in violations of regulations towed at the owner's expense for infractions such as failing to park in designated areas, non-registered vehicles, or failing to display a University decal.  To ensure that you are in compliance visit the Public Safety website at www.jsums.edu/campuspolice and click the “Parking” menu selection.
*Rates subject to change.