Approval Process for New or Revised Policies.

  1. Cabinet members are ultimately accountable for the drafting, updating, and implementing of policy affecting their areas.  A Cabinet member, or his/her designee, reviews the final drafts of proposed policies under their purview as well as the reasons for the policy. The Cabinet member should inform other Cabinet members of proposed new policies or policy changes prior to approval where the policy could potentially affect other areas.
  2. The Cabinet member is encouraged to seek input from appropriate personnel, including subject matter experts, frequent users of the policy, representatives of groups affected by the policy, and other senior leadership.  The Cabinet member may implement methods for soliciting comments or suggestions from affected individuals.
  3. The General Counsel, or authorized designee, must approve the legal terms of the policy, and such approval shall be indicated by attorney signature on the drafted policy.
  4. The appropriate administrator with policy-making authority signs and dates the policy. 
  5. The policy-making administrator forwards a copy of the signed policy to the Policy Archivist, who will upload the policy into a searchable online database.