Archiving Policies

When policies are revised or rescinded, the responsible administrator or designee shall maintain a file containing the retired policy versions in accordance with the University, IHL, and state records retention policies.  Generally, retired policies should be kept for three (3) years after becoming non-effective, unless a policy, statute, or administrative directive states otherwise.

Each Vice President/Provost shall assign an individual or limited number of individuals under their area(s) the responsibility for being the policy custodian for policies affecting his or her areas.  A copy of each signed policy (or book of policies if approved together) must be forwarded to the Division of General Counsel to an individual designated as the University's Policy Archivist.  This policy management and uploading function may be assigned to a different unit or units at the direction of the President, in which case another individual or other individuals must assume this role.  In addition to a copy of the signed policy, a copy of the policy in Microsoft Word format and a memorandum with the following information must be provided to the University Policy Archivist:

  1. Policy name;
  2. Effective date;
  3. Responsible office;
  4. Administrative division;
  5. People affected;
  6. Purpose of the policy or Policy Statement;
  7. External approval (if not required, put NIA; if required put date of approval);
  8. Revision history (date of revisions, if known and applicable);
  9. Related external policies/statutes/resources (if known); and
  10. Related University policies (if known).