Standard Policy Format

Policies shall contain the header block, sections, and signature block as defined below:

  1. Header Block.  The header block of the Policy contains the University policy logo and the name of the policy.
  2. Sections.  These sections will contain the substantive and/or procedural requirements that the policy is setting forth.  Each policy should contain a brief policy statement or purpose provision. The preferred, but not required, numbering system is the style used in this Policy (e.g., 1, 1.1, 1.2, 2,2.1…).
  3. Signature Block.  The signature block is signed and dated by the individual with policy-making authority.  A signature indicating that the legal terms have been approved must be included in this section.
  4. Footer.  The University Policy Archivist will input information into the footer of a policy or as an appendix to a policy book, which contains the effective date of the policy and an assigned policy number.