6.4.5 Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy Statement

Jackson State University recognizes that alcoholism is a chronic, progressive illness, which if untreated is potentially fatal.  The University offers assistance to help resolve such employee problems in an effective and confidential manner.  It is the official position of the University that:
  1. Employees having substance abuse problems which may affect work performance are encouraged to seek assistance voluntarily on a confidential basis by contacting their unit head;
  2. Employees are assured that their job, future, and reputation will not be jeopardized by utilizing any of the treatment options;
  3. The employee has the right to accept or refuse help as he/she chooses; however, individual work performance must meet acceptable standards or be subject to existing personnel policies for below standard performance; and
  4. Implementation of this policy will not interfere with, or negate, any other University practices, policies, or procedures.