Harden Center FAQs

How do I sign up for Community Service?    

Signing up for community service is not necessary. Simply, choose a community partner from the pre-approved list (see pre-approved list below), contact the agency, and begin the service experience. It is the student’s responsibility to complete the community service form and return it to our office by the semester deadline.

What if I want to complete community service at a site not listed on the Agency List?

For sites not listed on our approved agency list, stop by the Alice Varnado Harden Center for Service and Community Engaged Learning located in Suite 110, Jacob L. Reddix Hall, or download a copy of the Site Agreement Packet. These forms must be completed by the Community Partner, and approved by our office, before the service experience begins. The site/agency supervisor must provide our office with the following information.

  • Completed JSU Site Agreement Form
  • Completed JSU Request for Services Form
  • Copy of 947 Form; must be a non-profit (IRS Award Letter)

Once our office receives the returned forms, a staff member from the Alice Varnado Harden Center for Service & Community Engaged Learning will notify the community agency and the student of approval or rejection.  If the site meets all requirements for approval, the Alice Varnado Harden Center for Service & Community Engaged Learning will add the community partner to the following semester approved Agency List.  Please note that all forms must be mailed to our office or hand delivered, as we need original signatures.  The site approval process normally takes between 3-5 business days. NO INCOMPLETE PACKETS WILL BE ACCEPTED!

How do I check my Community Service and/or Service-Learning hours?      

Step 1: Log into your P.A.W.S account; Step 2:  “Click” Student Records; Step 3: “Click” Academic Transcript; and Step 4:  “Click” Transcript Levels, scroll down to Community Service, press “Submit”

Why should I participate in the National Student Exchange Program?

  • Live and learn in a different geographical area
  • Take courses not available on your campus
  • Investigate graduate schools
  • Look for future Employment
  • Experience life from a different point of view


When are the Community Service/ Service-Learning Deadlines? 

Spring ’20 service deadline is Friday, April 3, 2020
(May ’20 graduates deadline is Friday, March 27, 2020) 

Spring 2020 Approved Partner List