As we embark upon this national celebration of first-generation students, staff, faculty and alum we are elated to bring you a week of activities and events to spotlight and celebrate the accomplishments of our First Generation population.

Engagement opportunities associated with THEE JSU First-Gen Renaissance will take place across campus

November, 7-11. 


Monday, Nov. 7: “We’re Telling Everybody”
2nd Floor Student Center Patio | 11am – 3pm 

The week will begin with the “First-Gen Renaissance Expo”. Each TRIO program will present their offered services and define the benefits of participation.


Tuesday, Nov. 8: “Release Your Anger & Mind”
2nd Floor Student Center, CSEL | 11am – 1pm

The Talent Search Program will host the “First-Gen Zen”. This mental health awareness event will give first-gen participants an opportunity to create body scrubs, release with yoga, then relax with shoulder/neck and temple massages. Coffee and conversations will also be provided to help ease their minds.


Wednesday, Nov. 9: “Release Your Job”
2nd Floor Student Center Patio | 11am – 1pm

The Upward Bound Programs will host the “First-Gen B.A.S.H” (Business Associates Social Hour). This speed networking event will feature first-gen alums and local individuals who currently own their own business. JSU students will be able to engage and network with entrepreneurs on their challenges and successes of starting a business.


Thursday, Nov. 10: “Release Your Love”
2nd Floor Student Center Theater | 7:45pm – 9pm

The Educational Opportunity Center will host “First-Gen Movie Night”. This social justice awareness event will showcase the film “Selma”, which depicts the 1965 Selma to Montgomery voting rights marches. Several historical icons will be highlighted during the showing. This event is sponsored in part by Pepsi and Doc Popcorn.


Friday, Nov. 11: “Release Your Stress”
John A. Peoples Lawn | 11am – 1pm

The McNair Scholars Program, Student Support Services and THEE Aristocrats will host the “First-Gen Warriors Challenge”. This hotspot event will consist of interactive obstacle courses in an effort to encourage and remind students of the importance of overcoming obstacles. Support programs will also highlight services provided.