Jackson State University’s TRIO Programs are coming together to join colleges and universities from across the nation to participate in the National First-Generation College Celebration. We encourage the entire JSU first-gen community to share information about our First-Gen Celebration Week November 7th to November 11th throughout the campus community.

Leading up to the celebration, we encourage the first-gen community at JSU to share your pride and support on social media using the hashtags found below, the downloadable social media images, and celebratory virtual backgrounds. We also encourage our the first-gen community to share your personal experiences by submitting your own stories and testimonies as a first-gen through the First-Gen Tales link.

Key Messages

  • Jackson State University proudly supports the experience of first-generation students.

  • In 2017, the Council for Opportunity in Education (COE) and the NASPA Center for First-Generation Student Success launched the inaugural First-Generation College Celebration!

  • To promote first-gen week, we encourage the JSU community to use our celebratory First-Gen downloadable images and virtual backgrounds.

  • To capture first-gen pride, we encourage that the campus show support for first-gen peers, friends, family, and colleagues by taking photos, using the social media hashtags, supporting scheduled events hosted by JSU’s TRIO Programs, and sharing their first-gen tales!



All first-generation students, faculty and staff at JSU are invited to show your first-gen pride through social media platforms. The JSU TRIO programs want you to show your first-gen pride by flooding social media timelines with our university hashtags. We also encourage the Tiger community at-large to share our support and recognize the experiences of their support and recognize the experiences of all first-generation classmates and colleagues.


#CelebrateFirstGenJSU (National Celebration Day hashtag)

#THEEFirstGen (JSU Undergraduate Student hashtag)

#THEEFirstGenGrad (JSU Graduate Student hashtag)

#THEEFirstGenProfessional (JSU Staff/Faculty hashtag)

#THEEFirstGenAlumni (JSU Alumnus hashtag)

#FirstGensWin (TRIO SSS/McNair Programs hashtag)

#JSUTRIOworks (JSU affiliated TRIO programs hashtags)


  • I am proud to be a #THEEFirstGen student because…

  • I am proud to be a #THEEFirstGenGrad student because…

  • I am proud to be a #THEEFirstGenProfessional student because…

  • I am proud to be a #THEEFirstGenAlumni student because…

  • JSU is proud to participate in the National First-Gen College Celebration. #CelebrateFirstGenJSU

Downloadable Images & Virtual Backgrounds


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