By policy, JSU does not support personal devices (ipad, smart phone, latptop, etc.). Also, because of the variety of devices, wide range of operating systems and service providers available, users should refer to their own carriers for support.
JSU does provide general guidelines that can be followed directly by the users or taken to their carriers’ representatives.
There are a number of ways in which you can configure your device, but JSU recommends downloading the latest Gmail app from your respective app store: e.g., ITunes, Google Play, etc.
When you request your provider’s support, they will ask for the information bellow; please, present it to them:
largebluearrow Login Information ( for any protocol or Gmail app)
Username: (or or
Password: your JSU email password.
E-mail Address: Your normal e-mail address; for example (or or
Domain: not applicable.
largebluearrow Connection Protocol
IMAP is recommended.
Other options are POP, Web (HTML) and MAPI.
largebluearrow Server Name (if using IMAP)
Incoming (IMAP):
Outgoing (SMTP):
largebluearrow Encryption
Incoming: SSL
Outgoing: TSL (in some cases SSL).