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MAT-Alternate Route Certification

Master of Arts in Teaching

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program is one of Mississippi’s four approved Alternate Route Programs that lead to teacher certification.   If you already have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college/university but did not complete a teacher education program that included student teaching, you can still be a teacher in Mississippi.

MAT has the following components:

  • Testing (Praxis II content area exams may still be required for alternate route program participants who do not have a degree or 18 hours of coursework in the certification area. Foundations of Reading Test is required for the Elementary 4-6 certification. On January 1, 2022, test prerequisites will be reinstated and students must again adhere to all requirements.)
  • coursework
  • One-year teaching internship


These are the steps you need to take for alternate route certification:

1. Decide what subject and age level you want to teach. This decision will help you choose which alternate route program will work for you.

2. All programs require testing: (Testing requirements suspended with some exceptions)



21 and Above


(March 2016 and thereafter)

1060 and Above


(August 2015 to February 2016)

990 and Above


(1995 to August  2015)

980 and Above


 (Prior          to 1995)   

870 and Above


3. You need to choose an alternate route program. Many candidates choose a program based on these criteria:

  • geographical location of the program
  • subject areas offered
  • cost and time commitment
  • internship requirements
  • grade level
  • your personal academic skills and professional background


4. Once you have successfully completed your testing you must enroll in the MAT program by making application to the Division of Graduate Studies.

             Immunization Requirements (URGENT)

      • All students admitted to Jackson State University are required to submit proof of having received two immunization shots for measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) in order to complete registration for classes.
      • If an applicant has already been admitted and plans to attend the University as a first time student (undergraduate, graduate or transfer), he/she must submit a copy of the required immunization record to the University Health Center prior to registration for courses.
      • Students who have been admitted but do not submit the required immunization verification will be unable to complete registration for classes in the school’s computer enrollment  system. Please see further immunization information at the link provided above.


5. One the admission process is completed, you will then enroll in two pre-teaching courses (EDCI 556 Special Topics in  ELE/ECE and EDCI 581 Principels of Measurement).  Successful completion of the pre-teaching courses qualifies you for the three (3) year alternate route license.

6. The internship is your first year of teaching.  Mentoring will be provided during the internship. You will be paid based on your bachelor’s degree status as a first year teacher.  The internship period will be provisional based upon successful completion of the school year.

7. Upon completion of the internship, you are ready to apply for your five-year standard teaching license.

Note: There is no alternate route for Elementary K-3. You must complete an approved program in Elementary Education K-3 to earn that license.

Admission Requirements:


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MS Department of Education Code of Ethic and Conduct Brochure or visit the Website.


Dr. Dennis D. Williams
Coordinator of MAT/Co-Director of STEM STAR Institute
Jackson State University
College of Education and Human Development
Joseph H. Jackson College of Education Building, Room 309
(601) 979-2439
Email Address:

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