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Web Services

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The website is one of the university’s most important communication and marketing tools. With the ongoing increase in complexity of web communications, we must ensure ongoing diligence in preserving its integrity and usability for all users.

What We Do:

*Design, development and maintenance of the website

*Ensure implementations follow brand guidelines, web standards, accessibility and usability best practices

*Guarantee stability and effectiveness of the website by resolving issues and performing regular maintenance

Areas of Interest







Designed With The User In Mind

We provide strategy and support with the usability, design, development and maintenance of the University website.

Content Updates

If any revisions to the content are required, please get in touch with a contributor first. If you require further help, do send a web request.

Contributor Help

Our assistance documentation was developed to offer guides and support resources to our university content writers who contribute to the upkeep of our website.

Department Of Information Technology | Web Services

Office Location

Mississippi e-Center