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Why I Vote

October 3rd, 2019 by wrightcenter


Jessica Trotter, Social Work Major

Many students at JSU view their campus as a second home; therefore, we need to advocate for the issues we see here in the surrounding communities of our school. On November 5, 2019, the United States has a gubernatorial general election. I wholeheartedly trust that if the people of this country, and students at Jackson State in particular, exercise their right to vote and inform themselves about the candidates, then we can truly make a difference.

Voter registration is an important component of voting. Registering to vote means nothing if one does not actively participate by going out to cast their ballot. I decided to help with voting efforts on my campus because I want students to be aware of the importance to not only register to vote but also to participate in the upcoming election. I collaborate with the Mississippi Votes (MSVotes) #UpToUs Campaign. The campaign focuses on creating awareness and motivation to get people registered to vote, educate them about the significance of voting, and help constituents understand the power that voting has.

Watch the video Why I Vote featuring Jessica Trotter.

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