Banner Support FAQ (17)

How do I submit a request for service, not access?

From the Information Systems and Integration website, download and complete the Information Systems and Integration Service Request Form.  Mail it to:  Information Systems and Integration * Mississippi e-Center at JSU * 1230 Raymond Road * Jackson, MS.  39204 or fax it to:             (601) 371-9146      .

If I submitted a Banner Access Request Form and did not receive a response, what should I do?

Banner Access Requests are processed within three business days of receipt.  If three business days have lapsed since submission of your request, send an email to BannerPaws@jsums.edu.  Include the applicant’s name, J-Number, telephone number, department, copy of signed Banner Request form, and date of submission.  The Banner Security Administrator will follow up with you. 

Does the Banner Security Administrator handle all access and security issues?

No. Common situations the Banner Security Administrator does not handle include:

  • Request for any type of access to PAWS.
  • If your forgot your JSU PIN number, go to the JSU website.  Click 'JSU PAWS'.  Enter your J-Number and password.  Click the 'Do not know my PIN'  bar for help.

I cannot access a specific Banner form. Why?

You may not have the appropiate security to access particular forms in Banner.  If the system displays a “Not Authorized” message, please request the necessary access through your Supervisor.

I can not log in to Banner. Why?

Some common reasons a user can not log in may be that the user:

  • Does not have a Banner account,
  • Forgot their password or logged in with an incorrect password, or
  • Typed the incorrect user id.
  • Your internet service may not be working.

How can I learn to use Banner?

From the Training webpage of the Information Management website, you may sign up for a Banner 7 Navigation Training class or download the Banner 7 Navigation Training document.  Beyond that, your supervisor can assist you with Banner procedures specific to your department.

How do I terminate the Banner access of a user who has transferred to another department or left the University?

An employee's supervisor must complete the Banner Access Termination Form.   

  1. Access the Banner Support tab. 
  2. Select the Banner Access Termination Form under Documents.  
  3. Complete the PDF form and email it to BannerPAWS@jsums.edu

If the access should be terminated immediately, send an email to BannerPAWS@jsums.edu or call (601) 979-0898.  Include the user's name, J-Number, contact telephone number, department, and a statement requesting that all access be terminated immediately.  The email must come from the email account of the person's supervisor.  The Banner Support team will follow up with you.

How do I change my password?

To change your password:

  1. Logon to the Banner system using your current password.
  2. Enter your user id in the username box.  Type your currrent password in the password box.  Click Connect.
  3. On the Banner menu, enter 'GUAPSWD' in the box located in the upper left corner of  your screen.
  4. The Oracle Password Change Form (GUAPSWD) will appear.
  5. Type the user id in the Oracle user id box.  Type your current password in the Oracle password box.
  6. Type your new Oracle password in the box next to 'New Oracle Password'.
  7. Re-type your new Oracle password in the box next to 'Verify Password'.
  8. Click the diskette icon to save the change.
  9. Click the 'X' next to the diskette icon to exit.

I forgot my password. How can I get it reset or unlocked?

Send an email to BannerPAWS@jsums.edu.  Include the user’s name, J-Number, telephone number, department, and a statement requesting that your password be reset.  The email must come from the email account of the person requesting the passwrod reset.  The Banner Security Administrator will follow up with you. 

I do not get the Banner logon screen. Why?

Verify the URL is correct.  If it is, contact the PC Support Help Desk at            (601) 979-1069      .

How do I start using Banner?

Upon receipt of your Banner user id and password, open your browser.  Enter the appropriate link to access the database.  The login screen will appear.  Enter your user id and password.  Click connect.

How can I request access to INB?

Your supervisor must complete the Banner Access Request Form.  From your web browser, access the JSU web site.  Choose the Information Management quick link.  Access the Information Systems and Integration webpage.  Select the Banner Access Request Form.  Review it paying particular attention to the signature protocol.  Complete the form, obtain all necessary Module Owner signatures and mail it to:  Banner Security Administrator * Office of Information Systems and Integration * Mississippi e-Center @ JSU * 1230 Raymond Road * Jackson, MS.  39204.  If you prefer, you may email the completed, signed form to  BannerPAWS@jsums.edu


Note:  Only completed forms with all the necessary Banner Module Owner signatures will be processed.

What is Internet Native Banner (INB)?


Faculty and staff use INB to manage General Administrative, Financial, Student, Advancement, Financial Aid, and Human Resources information.  Access to INB is restricted.  Staff with a legitimate need to access confidential university data may be given access to INB, depending on their job responsibilities.  

A Module Owner is assigned to each Banner module.  The Module Owner determines whether or not to approve access requests for that module.  For example, the Registrar is the Module Owner for Banner Student.

What is Self-Service Banner (SSB)?

Self-Service Banner allows individuals to access information through JSU PAWS on their own.  All students and employees are given self-service Banner accounts.  

  • A Student self-service account is given to each student automatically after admission.  The account can be used to register for classes, check grades, and verify records. 
  • An Employee self-service account is given to each employee by Human Resources when they create their employee record.  The account can be used to view and change the employee's personal, pay, and leave information.  
  • Faculty/Advisors may obtain access to specific forms in the Banner Student module based on their job responsibilities by contacting the Registrat at            (601)  979-2300      .  If you are not responsible for advising student, please do not request this type of access. 
  • Employees responsible for financial and budgeting data may obtain access to specific forms in the Banner Finance module by contacting the Office of Financical Services at             (601)  979-2215      

Is there only one type of access to Banner?

No.  There are two types of Banner access:  Self-Service Banner (SSB) and Internet Native Banner (INB).

Who can have access to Banner?

Any employee who needs access to Banner to fulfill their job responsibilities may ask their supervisor to request Banner access for them.

What is Banner?

Banner is a suite of scalable integrated database applications developed by Systems and Computer Technology Corporation to assist colleges and universities in meeting their administrative responsibilities.

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