Student Affairs

Graduation Requirements

Effective: February 12, 2014

Non-transfer Students:
You must have 120 hours of service to graduate

Transfer Students:
You must have 60 hours of service to graduate

Accountability/Student Metrics



Vision Statement


Building on its historic mission of empowering diverse students to become leaders, Jackson State University will become recognized as a challenging, yet nurturing, state-of-the-art technologically-infused intellectual community. Students and faculty will engage in creative research, participate in interdisciplinary and multi-instructional/organizational collaborative learning teams and serve the global community.


Mission Statement


The University produces technologically-advanced, diverse, ethical, global leaders who think critically, address societal problems, and compete effectively.


In keeping with the Vision and Mission statements of Jackson State University, the Associate Vice President for Student Life/Dean of Students has committed his staff to providing superior services to the diverse student population. One way of doing so is by becoming more aware of who the students are and how they could become better accommodated.