Scholarship Information

Sholarships received by students may cause financial aid packages to be adjusted.  Students must provide the Financial Aid Office with all information relating to scholarships they may receive.  This information should include the terms and conditions of the award, the amount of the scholarship(s) and the semester(s) for which the scholarship(s) will be paid.

The following is a list of scholarship information for Jackson State University:

Financial Aid Office (FAO) - Bulletin boards located in the Financial Aid Office (FAO) on the 1st Floor of B. F. Roberts Hall have information regarding private scholarships received.  Applications for these scholarships may be available in the Financial Aid Office.

Merit-Based Scholarships – To obtain scholarship information for Academic Scholarhsips awarded to new incoming freshmen, students may contact Ms. Ayanna Smith at or (601) 979-0930.

Transfer Scholarhships – Scholarship information may be obtained from our Community College Relations Office, Mr. Paul Scott at: or (601) 979-0924.

Athletic Department – Inquiries concerning Athletic Scholarships should be directed to the appropriate Intercollegiate Athletic Coaches.

Music Department – Inquiries concerning Music and/or Band scholarships should be directed to the Music Director.

Major Department – Students' Academic department may have scholarship information related to field of study.

Development Office – To obtain information on book awards and scholarships, contact Ms. Ayanna Smith at (601) 979-0930.  The deadline for 2014-2015 is May 31, 2014.

Employers - Parents' employers may have scholarships available for dependents of employees.

Employee (JSU) – Remission of Fees for JSU employees and their dependents – view requirements at:

Churches, Civic and Public Service Organizations – Churches and various civic organizations (e.g. MASONS, ROTARY, LIONS CLUB, Sororities, Fraternities, etc) may offer scholarships. (Note: these groups may require family affiliation with the organization.)

Scholarship Scams – Many private scholarship search services provide sources of financial assistance for a fee.  We do not evaluate those services.  If you decide to use a search service, check its reputation by contacting the Better Business Bureau or your state attorney general's office.  You can search for scholarships for FREE at  Click here for more information regarding scholarship scams and identity theft.

Public libraries – College financing resources may be found in the Libraries' reference sections.

High School Guidance Counselor - High school guidance counselors are an excellent source of information regarding scholarships.

Bookstore - Bookstores often have large sections of materials dedicated to financing a college education which may contain valuable scholarship information.

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