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Financial Aid

How To Apply for Financial Aid

How to Apply for an Academic Scholarship

Students must be fully admitted as a fulltime student by the University before applying for any academic scholarships. Apply for each scholarship you are eligible for.

  1. Create a Net ID using your J-number (student ID#) to access the scholarship portal. The
    portal may also be accessed directly through the Jackson State University website
    ( or your JSU PAWS account.
  2. First time Freshmen may apply for Fall scholarships beginning October 15 th until January
    15 th of each year. The Presidential Scholarship, Provost Scholarship, and Medallion
    Scholarship are available for first time freshmen only.
  3. Community College transfer students may apply for the transfer scholarships beginning
    March 15 th until June 1 st of each year. Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship and the Tiger
    Tuition Scholarship is for Community College graduates only.
  4. All students can access the available general scholarships through their JSU PAWS
    account, the Jackson State University website ( or

If you have any questions you may email the Financial Aid Office at Please
include your J-number on all correspondence.

Applying for a Private Loan

Private loans are non-institutional loans that can be used to satisfy your balance with the University. These loans are credit based and can only be used within the academic year it is applied for. The University does not endorse any particular lender.

Steps for completing a Private Loan

  1. Log into your JSU PAWS account, or contact the Business office, to get an accurate outstanding account balance.
  2. Log into the website to compare lenders then complete the online private loan application.
  3. If the loan is approved by the lender complete the listed forms located on Jackson State
    University’s website,
    • Loan Questionnaire form
    • Private Education Loan Applicant Self-Certification form.
  4. Submit the completed forms to Allow 5 – 10 days for processing after
    the forms have been submitted.

Loans are assigned two disbursement dates within the semester, funds will be disbursed to the “University” after the scheduled disbursement date.

If you have any questions you may email the Financial Aid Office at Please
include your J-number on all correspondence.

How Withdrawal Impacts Your Financial Aid

Under the Higher Education Amendments of 1998, the amount of federal financial aid a student
has earned for the enrollment period (semester) is based on the length of time the student remains
enrolled for that period. Therefore, the percentage of the enrollment period completed is also the
percentage of aid the student has earned.

  • If a student withdraws on or before being enrolled in a class(es) or the University for less
    than 60% of the enrollment period, the percentage of federal financial aid earned is equal
    to the percentage of time enrolled. Ex: 20 days enrolled/108 days in the semester = 18.5%
  • If a student remains enrolled up to or beyond the 60% point, then 100% of the aid for that
    enrollment period has been earned.

The unearned financial aid funds will be returned by the University to the Department of
Education and the student will receive a charge to their JSU student account for the returned
amount. The federal financial assistance programs that may be effected by the premature
withdrawal are;

  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant
  • Perkins Loans
  • Subsidized and Unsubsidized Student Loans

Students that choose to withdraw from the University prior to the end of an enrollment period should follow the University’s guidelines for withdrawing from school.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal

A student must maintain satisfactory academic progress in their course of study in order to
receive aid under the student financial assistance programs Title IV funds. These programs

  • PELL grant
  • Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
  • Teacher Education Assistance for College & Higher Education Grant (TEACH)
  • Direct Graduate Plus Loan and Direct Parent Plus Loan
  • Federal Work Study
  • Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans

Undergraduate students must maintain a grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale and graduate students must maintain a 3.0 GPA on the same scale. All students, graduate and undergraduate, must earn 67% of the credit hours they have attempted. This includes accepted transfer hours as well. Undergraduates may also be classified as SAP MAX (maximum) if they have accumulated 186 or more attempted credit hours before receiving an undergraduate degree. This status will render the undergraduate student ineligible for federal financial aid. (You may still be eligible for other types of financial aid.) Bothe undergraduate and graduate may reach SAP MAX status if they have reached or exceeded the federal financial aid limits set based on your classification.

Students may check their financial aid status through their JSU PAWS account by selecting the Financial Aid tab, click on “financial aid status”, select aid year, then click submit. This information will determine whether a SAP appeal form is needed. If so, complete all pages, attach the supporting documentation then submit it to the SAP Appeal Committee at at the appropriate time depending on the semester. Early submissions will not be accepted before the published submission dates nor will late submissions be accepted without prior permission. Committee decisions will be sent to the JSU student email account.

The SAP appeal form may be found

How to Apply for the Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan

Both student and the parent borrower must meet specific eligibility requirements in order for the student to qualify for the Parent PLUS Loan. The first step is to have a completed FAFSA on file for the academic year in which the application is made.

The student must have been offered their loan eligibility first, before we can certify the Direct Parent PLUS loan.
Your Student must:

  • Meet Federal and Jackson State University Financial Aid Eligibility Requirements.
  • Be a dependent (based on FAFSA data) undergraduate student
  • Be enrolled in a degree-seeking program
  • Be enrolled in at least 6 credits (half-time)
  • Meet the minimum requirements for Satisfactory Academic Progress

You – the Parent Borrower must:

  • Be the biological, adoptive, or step-parent of the student.
  • Be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen (permanent resident).
  • Not be in default on repayment of federal aid. If you are currently in default, go here.
  • Consent to, and pass a credit check by the U.S. Department of Education.

Before you Apply
Determine the loan period for which you plan to apply. If your student is planning to be enrolled
for both fall and spring semesters, we recommend that you apply for the fall/spring Loan term.
The summer loan term cannot be combined with other terms.

  • Request a Direct PLUS Loan at
  • Log in using the parent FSA I.D not the student’s.
  • Apply for the loan.
  • Designate the school to be paid (i.e. Jackson State University)
  • If approved, request a deferment of repayment while the student is in school for up to 6
    months within the loan application.
  • If approved, the parent must complete the credit counselling and sign the Master
    Promissory Note (MPN) also found on the federal web page.
  • If approved, fill out a Parent PLUS Loan Retrieval form located on the Jackson State
    University website,, on the Financial Aid page, click on Financial Aid
    Forms. This form must be signed by hand or by DocuSign. Typed names are not acceptable.
  • The completed form listing a numerical amount and disbursement period. Please Do Not write MAX where an amount is needed. The form and a copy of the parent’s I.D. can be sent to
  • If the application is denied, fill out the Parent PLUS Loan Retrieval form indicating the denial with signatures to for processing as well.

How to Apply for a Grad PLUS Loan

The Grad PLUS loan is available to graduate students who:

  • Are enrolled at least half-time in a degree-granting program.
  • File the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).
  • Pass a credit check.

How to Apply
The Grad PLUS application is a multi-step process. If you do not complete each step, your loan will not be processed.

  1. Submit a Direct PLUS Loan Application for Graduate/Professional Students through the website. (JSU school code is 002410.) If you are approved and would like to increase your loan amount do not apply for a new loan. Instead, you may contact the Financial Aid Office to request an increase.
  2. Complete the Grad PLUS entrance counseling while on the federal website.
  3. Sign the PLUS Master Promissory Note (MPN) for Graduate/Professional Students while on the federal website. The MPN will be valid for 10 years provided a PLUS loan is disbursed within 12 months of the MPN signing. If your previous Grad PLUS loan was approved with an endorser (co-signer), you will need to complete a new MPN.
  4. Sign the PLUS Master Promissory Note (MPN) for Graduate/Professional Students while on the federal website. The MPN will be valid for 10 years provided a PLUS loan is disbursed within 12 months of the MPN signing. If your previous Grad PLUS loan was approved with an endorser (co-signer), you will need to complete a new MPN.
  5. Complete the Loan Questionnaire found on the Financial Aid page of the Jackson State University website or go to for the form.

If you have any questions you may email the Financial Aid Office at Please
include your J-number on all correspondence.

TEACH Grant Eligibility Steps

For each award year that you request a TEACH Grant you must meet the following eligibility requirements for TEACH Grant funds to be disbursed to you:

  • Be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen.
  • Meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy requirements for federal student aid
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). JSU’s Federal school code (002410)
  • Have and maintain a minimum 3.25 cumulative GPA each semester enrolled, or have scored above the 75th percentile on a college admissions test.
  • Email to request a TEACH Grant application only if you meet all
    eligibility requirements.

Retirees with high-need field expertise and current teachers working to obtain a Masters degree or former teachers pursuing an alternative route to certification within a Masters degree program do not have to meet the initial GPA/75th percentile requirement, but will need to submit a copy of your teaching license and a signed letter from your teaching employer verifying your employment as a teacher. Be enrolled as an undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, or graduate student in a postsecondary educational institution that is participating in the TEACH Grant Program. Second bachelor degree students are ineligible for a TEACH Grant. Be enrolled in course work necessary to begin a career in teaching or plan to complete such course work. Such course work may include subject area courses (e.g., math courses for a student who intends to be a math teacher).

Once you are awarded, complete both the U.S. Department of Education’s Federal TEACH Grant Initial and Subsequent Counseling session and the Federal Agreement to Serve (ATS) electronically at (two separate steps to complete on the same website).

TEACH Grant Eligible Majors at JSU

  • BS in Biology Education
  • BS in Chemistry Education
  • BS in Math Education
  • BS in Elementary Education with a concentration in Reading

Master of Science in Secondary Education

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Special Education

Master of Arts in Teaching (Secondary Education Only)

  • Endorsement in Biology, Chemistry, Math and Special Education
  • Note: Copy of certification of endorsement area must be attached to application

If you have any questions you may email the Financial Aid Office at Please include your J-number on all correspondence.



Students seeking federal financial aid are required to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Jackson State University’s priority deadline is April 15th each year.

Access Financial Aid FormsClick Here

Frequently asked questions concerning Financial Aid. Click Here

CARES Act Emergency Assistance for Students

All documents submitted to the Office of Financial Aid can take up to 21 business days for processing.

To prevent a delay in processing your documents, please be sure to:

  • Verify documents are filled completely, legible and signed.
  • Check that documents that require a signature have HANDWRITTEN signatures; no typed or electronic signatures are acceptable.
  • Verify that all documents contain the student’s name and J-Number.

*Business days do not include the weekends, holidays, and all other unspecified days the university is closed.

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