Transfer of Credits/Credit for Life Experience

In accordance with the policies of the B.S.W. Program and the University, transfer credits may be applied toward the B.S.W. degree. The first step of this process is the review of the student’s transcript from the other institution(s) by Undergraduate Admissions to determine whether it meets the University’s policies for awarding credit for hours transferred from other institutions (see pages 65-66 of Jackson State University Undergraduate Catalog, 2007-2009).

Liberal arts courses and classes from disciplines other than social work are evaluated by Undergraduate Admissions to determine course equivalents. After this initial evaluation, the B.S.W. Program, through its faculty advisors and Program Director, determines whether to award transfer credit for social work courses. Academic credit for social work courses is evaluated in accordance with the following policies:

  1. The course, Introduction to Social Work, is accepted for transfer credit.
  2. Students who wish to transfer other social work courses from CSWE accredited institutions must submit a copy of the course syllabus for each course taken at the other institution. The course syllabus is reviewed by the B.S.W. Program Director in consultation with the B.S.W. Program faculty to determine whether there is a comparable course for which credit may be given.
  3. Non-equivalent social work courses from CSWE-accredited institutions and social work courses from non-CSWE accredited institutions may be transferred as social work electives.
  4. A minimum of thirty semester hours toward the B.S.W. degree must be completed at Jackson State University.
  5. Only social work courses completed within the last ten years of readmission or transfer to Jackson State University will apply toward B.S.W. degree requirements.
  6. Currently enrolled students who plan to enroll in courses elsewhere with the intention of transferring them back to Jackson State University are advised to consult with their advisor and program director first to ensure that they will be accepted toward the B.S.W. degree.

All University policies governing transfer of credits for undergraduate students (see pp. 65-66 of the Jackson State University Undergraduate Catalog) are applicable to B.S.W. students, including the stipulation that the last semester of residence or its equivalent must be completed at the university.

Academic credit for life experience and previous work experience shall not be given, in whole or in part, in lieu of social work courses.