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Trademark Management & Licensing


In 1999, the Office of the Vice President for Business and Finance took steps in registering the following names and wordmarks. The name, mascot, seal, and other logos and graphics associated with Jackson State University® have protected trademarks. The spirit shared by Jackson State University® students, faculty, staff, alumni, friends, and Tiger fans produce a high demand for products that display the name, logo, and trademarks associated with “Jackson State University®, Home of the Tigers”.

The use of JSU’s trademarks extends through all facets of the University, which requires a university-wide perspective and approach. Therefore, the Trademark & Licensing program is overseen by the Department of Contractual Services and maintains a university-wide perspective. The University has contracted with The Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC), one of the nation’s leading collegiate licensing and marketing representatives, to enhance the University’s efforts with consistent usage of the University’s name, logos, mascots as well as national recognition. CLC clients consist of more than 200 universities, conferences, and associations. The Indianapolis-based CLC team combines extensive licensing and marketing experience with a forward-thinking attitude in keeping its approach fresh, energetic, and, above all else, effective.

Colleges and universities are not alone in the promotion, protection, and licensing of their trademarks. One of the world’s most successful licensors is Walt Disney®. The United States professional sports teams have been among world leaders in organizing, managing, and protecting their property rights and licensing revenues. McDonald’s®’s golden arches and Pepsi’s® circular red, white, and blue wave also have exclusive rights to their name and logo and both are recognized across the world. Visual identity is very important for a successful licensing program and for building a reputation.


Trademarks and Licensing’s Mission is to support the JSU community by implementing three objectives:

  • Protection: The trademark licensing program serves to protect the reputation of the University by ensuring that only approved representations of the University marks appear before the public and that goods bearing these marks are of approved quality.
  • Promotion: Trademark-licensed products bearing logos and graphics that suggest quality and excellence play a major role in recruiting students and faculty, garnering alumni support, and establishing a distinction among schools.
  • Profit: Royalties generated help offset the costs of the licensing program and provide an added source of revenue to support other programs, such as scholarships and other under-funded areas on campus.

If you are interested in applying for a license to produce Jackson State University merchandise, contact CLC directly by calling 770-956-0520 or emailing