Major Goals

  1. To maintain a culture of assessment at Jackson State University in both academic and non-academic areas whereby improvements in organizational efficiency is observed by administration, faculty, staff, and students.
  2. To communicate the assessment goals of the university to all academic and non-academic units.
  3. To design and monitor a comprehensive assessment plan for both academic and non-academic units at the university, including specific, long-range planning for collecting university-wide assessment data.
  4. To collect, review, and interpret university-wide assessment results and to refer those results for additional analysis and decision making to the appropriate organizational units.
  5. To develop and recommend standards by which unit-specific assessment plans and activities should be evaluated.
  6. To evaluate each university’s unit assessment plans and activities and to provide feedback to the unit and appropriate administrative officers.
  7. To identify and communicate best assessment practices for campus wide usage.
  8. To annually review campus reporting and processing and to make recommendations for improvement as needed.