Welcome to Federal Relations @ JSU

We connect faculty with federal funders, increase JSU’s visibility in Washington, and work to promote relationships between Jackson State faculty members and the members and staff of the Mississippi Congressional delegation. These activities include arranging visits to Washington for representatives of the university, attending and organizing events with legislators, and hosting Members of Congress and staff on the campus of Jackson State.

In addition to working with the Congressional delegation, we are charged with coordinating and expanding the university’s relationships with federal funding agencies and with supporting the university’s federal initiatives. We work to assist faculty and campus leaders to identify opportunities to secure federal research support and to strengthen the university’s research profile.

Each year the Division of Research and Federal Relations works to advance a short list of research proposals for targeted Congressional funding. The effort to develop these proposals begins with thorough and comprehensive discussions with faculty and administrators on campus and with Congressional staff knowledgeable about federal programs and priorities in Washington.

Our Website

This site is designed to help inform interested faculty of the legislative issues affecting Jackson State and the higher education community. To that end, the site provides links to organizations that help to promote the public policy interests of colleges and universities, links to information on federal initiatives and standing committee reports on educational issues, and reports on federally funded research at Jackson State University.

Should you require any assistance or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 601-979-2931.