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Message from CSET’s Graduate and International Programs


We are delighted to welcome you to the Graduate and International Programs’ website at Jackson State University (JSU) College of Science, Engineering and Technology (CSET).

JSU-CSET has a proud tradition of offering a variety of excellent graduate programs with courses taught by dedicated and highly qualified faculty, many of whom are nationally and internationally recognized for their significant contributions to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields.  We offer a broad range of high quality STEM degree programs to meet the growing national and international demand for well-trained and highly skilled professionals and researchers. Students at JSU-CSET can choose from more than 10 graduate degree programs including the MS in biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, environmental science, hazardous materials management, mathematics, and technology education; the MST in mathematics and science education; and the PhD in chemistry, and environmental science. In addition, efforts are being made to develop and implement a MS in materials science and engineering, and a PhD in engineering based on our current strategic plan.

Graduate education has become increasingly important to professional development, career advancement, and fulfillment of national needs in STEM workforce development. Our graduate programs serve as platforms where excellence in scholarship, research, creativity, and innovation are integrated to produce the next generation of STEM leaders of the 21stcentury. All our graduate programs are highly committed to redesigning and transforming graduate STEM education—to recruit, mentor and train talented students as strong leaders ready to tackle the critical issues facing our state, our nation, and the world. Our goal is to prepare and produce career-ready scholars with a true competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

We conduct high quality research, publish articles in high impact journals and books, and serve on many editorial boards and expert review panels. Most importantly, we are highly committed to mentoring and training graduate students for successful STEM careers. Our dedicated and caring staff is always available to welcome and assist students with any questions that they may have regarding graduate programs’ policies and procedures.

We also recognize the fact that transnational and international education is becoming increasingly important to train the new generation of STEM leaders who become globally competitive.  Hence, the global expansion in international education is critical to the development and success of high quality STEM programs.  In this regard, our mission is to establish and sustain partnerships with international institutions; with the overarching goal of providing opportunities for preparing our undergraduate and graduate students to become effective global STEM leaders. Through this effort, we are also attracting international students from abroad to study, learn, and exchange experiences at our campus. Developing and implementing global education initiatives is essential in providing global understanding, cost-efficient and cost-effective solutions to societal problems, as well as in shaping future leaders, and sustaining the United States preeminence as a leader in the global economy.

We hope you will find our website informative and user friendly. If you are not a current JSU student, We strongly encourage you to visit our campus, and interact with faculty, staff and graduate students. See for yourself all that Jackson State University offers.










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