Applying For Summer 2020 Faculty Led Programs

JSU Global is excited to offer two short-term-faculty-led programs for Summer 2020. These programs offer students the opoortunity to have global experiences while earning academic credit. Short-term-faculty-led programs help to overcome the barriers that have traditionally kept students of color from traveling abroad. 

Qualifications Include:

1. Must have completed two (2) semesters for undergraduate students and one semester for transfer and graduate students. 

2. Must have a 2.5 or higer GPA for undergraduate students and 3.0 GPA  for graduate students. 

3. Must be in good academic and disciplinary standings. 

2020 Faculty Led Programs


Music & Cultural Arts: A Case Study for China

May 8th – 22nd

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Brazil: Experiencing Culture Through Art

May 28- June 11

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