Department of Health Policy and Management

Health Policy and Management – This concentration exposes students to a curriculum designed to impact knowledge of contemporary public health administration and management as well as provide analytical skills for designing, developing, implementing and evaluating public health policies and interventions, including financial and human resource management, comprehensive policy and program planning, analysis, evaluation, development, and implementation.

Emphasis is placed on learning that creates a balance between comprehensive understanding and specialization, between theory and practice, and between academic inquiry and professional pragmatism. An innovative attitude toward current and future public health needs and issues is emphasized and explored through classroom instruction, group projects and field studies. The educational objectives are to:

  • Acquire knowledge of management functions and processes.
  • Understand the application of state-of-the-art systems and tools in policy formulation and implementation and managerial decision–making.
  • Critically evaluate public health problems.
  • Develop and implement sound policies.

Degrees Offered
Healthcare Administration, B.S.

Health Policy and Management, MPH
Health Policy and Management, DrPH