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Lottie W. Thornton Early Childhood Center



Kinder-Bound Program

The JSU Little Tigers Kinder-Bound Program within the Lottie W. Thornton Early Childhood center is a bridging and transition program for children who will be entering a kindergarten program in the fall.  Kindergarten is a landmark year in the lives of children and their families.  It is the first year of formal schooling and often defines future school outcomes for children.  Understanding the importance of kindergarten readiness, the center has developed a program that focuses on preparing young children for their transition to kindergarten.  

The second half of the school year Kinder-Bound children begin reading, writing and math activities that will help them be successful in kindergarten.  The preschool teacher helps Kinder-Bound students to strengthen their ability to ask questions, make friends, develop interests in academic subjects such as science, and they spend time addressing each child’s special needs.  By focusing on essential aspects of Kinder-Bound children’s lives, the center is seeking to help each child succeed in school. This program will introduce the students to technology by utilizing the IPAD as a part of classroom instruction.

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