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Science and Mathematics Teaching (Concentration in Biology) M.S.T.

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Jackson State University’s Master of Science and Mathematics in Teaching (Concentration Biology) consists of seven 8-week terms, 500-600 level combination of biology and educational courses designed to bring the teachers up-to-date with topics and concepts at the cutting edge of biology. The course objectives are designed to train especially biology teachers in an online environment.  The program evaluation is based on in-service teachers with course activities including pretest and posttest, course survey, computerized homework assignments, animations, video, assessments, and scientific papers writing according to APA format.


This Program is designed for middle and high school biology teachers for career opportunity in secondary education biology and other professions. It prepares candidates for professional teacher licensure in biology for secondary education. With more than 18 credit hours in Biology courses, this Program offers expertise in a wide range of candidates’ interest including: Nutrition, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Ecology, and Pathophysiology.

General Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

  • Admission To Candidacy Requirements
  • When approximately 12-15 semester hours have been completed, the student should make application for advancement to candidacy. Please note that students cannot be advanced to candidacy until:
  • All admission requirements have been met.
  • Notification of the program option the student is electing, or that is required.
  • All incompletes (“I” grades) have been removed.
  • The Graduate English Competency Examination (GECE) was passed, or in the event of failure, passed ENG 500 with a grade of B or better.
  • Earned  a 3.00 cumulative G. P. A.
  • Filed  the  Application for Graduate Degree Candidacy with the approval of the Candidacy Committee in his/her major department.

Degree Requirements

  • A student seeking the M.S.T. in Biology degree must:
  • Complete a minimum of thirty (30) semester hours, with a B or higher cumulative G.P.A. Six of the required semester hours must be in Thesis Research.
  • Pass the Graduate Area Comprehensive Examination (GACE) in 1 elective and 2 core/required  courses.
  • Successfully defend the thesis before the Graduate Committee and public audience.
  • Submit an approved thesis to the Chair of the Department of Biology with one copy to the Department and one to the JSU library.
  • Completion of all departmental requirements.


Program Curriculum

This program is a 36-hour curriculum designed to be delivered over seven eight-week terms including Spring, Summer, and Fall during a period of 12 calendar months. Students are expected to complete six to eight credit hours during each eight-week term.

Course Descriptions

Biology Faculty