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Dawn Bishop McLin, Ph.D.

Dawn Bishop McLin​, Ph.D
Associate Professor
Phone: 601-979-3385

Degree: Educational Counseling, Mississippi State University

Research Interests:   Emergency Preparedness, Psychology of Disaster, Unintentional injury and seatbelt use among minority populations, Maternal Mortality, Multiculturalism, Culturally Competent Mental Health Professional, Eating disorders/Obesity among minority populations, Program evaluation, Using Technology to teach Psychology. 

Courses Taught: General Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Careers in Psychology, Psychology of the Urban Environment, Psychology of Disaster, Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology Reading, Research & Independent Study

Recent Publications and/or Creative Works:

Bishop McLin, D., & Reese-Smith, J. (2018). Inclusive Classrooms at Historically Black Colleges and Universities: The Need for Faculty Development. International Journal of Learning, Teaching and Educational Research Vol. 17, No. 8, pp. 129-138, August 2018

Bell, Neasman, T. P., Schweitzer, J., McLin, D. B., & Gollman, R. D. (2017). Proposed beneficial effects of cardiac coherence training on gestational hypertension, stress and anxiety in African Americans. Investigations in Gynecology Research and Women's Health. 1(2). IGRWH.000506: 2017.

Murphy, J. L., McLin, D. & Thomas, T. (2017). Using Service Learning to enrich knowledge, training, and civic responsibility for emergency management technology students. Technology Interface International Journal, 17(2), Spring/Summer. 

Bishop McLin, D. Stevenson, M., Bishop, C. & Junior, A. (2016). Bio Ethics and Scientific Learning in Rural States with HBCUs as Natural Living-Learning Laboratories: Contemporary Dubois-Washington Thinking for Social Justice in Modern Times. Journal of Education & Social Policy;Vol. 3, No. 4; October 2016. ISSN 2375-0782 (Print) 2375-0790 (Online)

Bishop McLin, D., & Murphy, J.B. (2015). Beyond Brick and Mortar: A Mobile Technology Ecosystem at an HBCU. The Technology Interface International Journal; Volume 16, Number 1, Fall/Winter. 

Bishop McLin, Dawn. (2013). A Public Health Crisis: Teen Drivers & Service Learning As a Strategy to Prevent Injuries and Death: A Commentary. Mississippi Urban Research Center; Online Journal or Rural and Urban Research, Volume 3, Number 1