Required Immunization Communication

December 8th, 2020 by ppad

In an effort to bring all JSU graduate students into compliance with our immunization requirements, the Divisions of Graduate Studies, Academic Affairs, and Enrollment Management are working collaboratively and swiftly to align proper immunization communication provided to newly admitted and non-compliant continuing graduate students. In an effort to make sure that students have the information needed, it is urgent that you adhere to the following information requests:

  1. Utilize the link to University immunization requirements and the indented language below in your communications (admission letter/welcome packet letter, orientation letter, and on your department’s webpage).

Suggested information (link and verbiage):

  • Immunization Requirements (URGENT):

All students admitted to Jackson State University are required to submit proof of having received two immunization shots for measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) in order to complete registration for classes.

If an applicant has already been admitted and plans to attend the University as a first-time student (undergraduate, graduate, or transfer), he/she must submit a copy of the required immunization record to the University Health Center prior to registration for courses.

Students who have been admitted but do not submit the required immunization verification will be unable to complete registration for classes in the school’s computer enrollment system. Please see further immunization information at the link provided.

  1. Please provide the Graduate Division with copies of all updated official letters and the link to the updated information on your webpage so that these items can be uploaded in Google Drive for review by Academic Affairs, as well. Please provide this information on or before December 4, 2020, for review. Please contact Mr. Gerard Howard to assist with webpage updates (

Thank you so much for assisting with these corrective actions as it pertains to this persistent issue. It is urgent that we meet compliance 100% with all of our students.

Kind regards,

Preselfannie E. Whitfield McDaniels, Ph.D. (Pronouns: she/her/hers)

Professor of English

Dean, Division of Graduate Studies

Jackson State University, Main Campus

  1. P. Jacobs Administration Tower, 1st Floor

Telephone: (601) 979-2455

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