Student Work

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Student Publications

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Student Publications is responsible for coordination, production and printing of publications developed and designed primarily for consumption by and for the benefit of students. Specifically, these include the weekly campus newspaper (The Blue and White Flash), the student magazine, eXpereince, The JSU Experience e-yearbook, directories, booklets, flyers, calendars, brochures and other Mass Communication related materials. The newspaper, magazine (eXperience) and e-yearbook are written, designed and managed by students with counsel of the director/advisor.

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* Publish weekly newspaper
* Publish student magazine (fall/winter edition)
* Train student journalists, photographers, advertising and graphic design majors
* Provide work experience, clips, and resume building skills for students
* Prepare a variety of informational documents, handbooks, manuals, presentations packages, flyers, etc.
* Provide technical assistance, layout/design service, desktop publishing
* Take photographs, document events, programs, etc.
* Provide general information and Student Life webpage updates

The Blue & White Flash

The Blue and White Flash is a weekly newspaper written and edited by the students with the counsel of the adviser. Editorials and letters to the editor represent the views of the writer(s). Views expressed within do not necessarily represent the opinions of the faculty, the administration, the student body, or the Board of Trustees. The editors determine the time of the publication and the ethical qualities of all articles. Letters are welcome, but may be edited for clarity and space. All letters must include a signature and phone number for verification.

Articles and other materials in The Blue and White Flash cannot be republished without the expressed written permission of the editor, advisor and the Student Publications Board at Jackson State University.

The Flash offers competitive advertising rates, ad design, advertising kits and friendly/professional follow-up services.
For current rates and space availability, contact the office at: 601-979-2167. Camera-ready ads preferred; ads should be submitted by Monday at 5:00 p.m. for publication on Thursday.

Letters to the editor are welcome. Editors reserve the right to print or reject for publication any letters received. Letters should include the author's name(s), address and phone number. The address and phone number will not be published. All letters are subject to editing for space and libel consideration. Materials must be submitted by Monday at 5:00 p.m. for publication on Thursday.

The Blue and White Flash is published each Thursday (except during exam weeks and university holidays). Copies are available in newsstands and specific locations in each building on the JSU campus. Copies also are available in the Flash office located on the second floor of Blackburn Language Arts Building.

Subscription rates for The Blue and White Flash are 26 issues for $25.00. To subscribe, submit your name, address, city, state and zip code to Make a check payable to The Blue and White Flash and mail to: Student Publications at the address below.

The Blue and White Flash
P.O. Box 18449
Jackson State University
Jackson, Mississippi 39217-0849
601.979.2167 or 601.979.8674

The Blue & White Flash & JSU eXperience Magazine wants you!
Only serious applicants need apply. Please submit writing samples,
photographs and any published clippings to:

Shannon Tatum
Publications & Office Manager
Blackburn Langauge Arts Building
Room 2082

Kierra Thomas
Graphic Designer
Blackburn Langauge Arts Building
Room 211