Undergraduate Program

The Department of Journalism and Media Studies is committed to excellence in teaching, bringing industry-based applications to the classroom, and providing practical experience that will assist students with attaining employment in the field of media. With the option of choosing one of the three concentrations offered within the department, students are exposed to both theoretical and hands-on experiences.

All students are required to take the requisite core Mass Communication courses, the requisite 24 hours in their concentration, as well as 18-21 hours in their minor of choice. *Integrated Marketing Communications has a built-in Marketing Minor.

Multimedia Journalism

Multimedia Journalism combines multimedia elements, e.g., sound, videos, text, images and graphics to tell a story.

  • MC 303 Radio-Tv Newswriting
  • MC 305 Copy Editing or *MC 315 Digital Editing
  • MC 307 Photojournalism
  • MC 310 Media Production I
  • MC 320 Online Journalism
  • MC 409 Multimedia Reporting
  • MC 404 Feature Writing or *MC 426 Broadcast Documentary
  • MC Elective


Career options for multimedia journalism graduates include print, radio and broadcast opportunities such as reporters, writers, copy editors, photographers, videographers, anchors, audiovisual technicians, studio engineers, and producers.

Media Production

Media Production is the process of producing visual media creations, e.g., video editing and production, multimedia authoring, and the creation of media artifacts for television delivery.

  • MC 303 Radio-Tv Newswriting
  • MC 307 Photojournalism
  • MC 310 Media Production I
  • MC 315 Digital Editing
  • MC 323 Media Production II
  • MC 426 Broadcast Documentary
  • MC 440 Media Programming
  • MC Elective


Career options in media production graduates include print and broadcast opportunities, such as photography, videography, reporters, writers, anchors, audiovisual technicians, studio engineers, and producers.

Integrated Marketing Communications

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) incorporates practices of marketing, public relations, and advertising to teach students the strategies of corporate branding and marketing.

  • MC 330 Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications
  • MC 336 Ad Copy Layout and Design
  • MC 423 Ad and Media Selection
  • MC 425 Ad Media Sales
  • MC 452 Sales Promotion and Management
  • MC 470 Writing for Public Relations
  • MC 471 Public Relations Practice
  • MC 473 Integrated Marketing Communications Campaigns


IMC is a multidisciplinary field that organizations use as part of their overall corporate operation in assuring that all brand contracts received by a customer or prospect for a product, service, or organization are relevant to that person and consistent.

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