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Bachelor of Social Work Program


Boyd, Paula

Administrative Assistant
College of Business Building, 4th Floor, Room 428
E-Mail: paula.b.boyd@jsums.edu 
601-979-2631 (Office)
601-979-9201 (Fax)





Allen, Trenia

Assistant Professor
College of Business, 4th Floor, Room 430
E-Mail: trenia.l.allen@jsums.edu
601-979-0467 (Office)
601-979-9201 (Fax)
Curriculum Vitae 
Research Interests: Trauma-Informed Care Among College Students, College Students’ Adverse Childhood Experiences, Self-Care Among College Students, Self-Care Among Helping Professionals, Trauma And Substance Use, Mental Health, And Physical Health Outcomes




Anderson, Brian

College of Business Building, 4th Floor, Room 434
E-Mail: brian.e.anderson@jsums.edu
601-979-0509 (Office)
601-979-9201 (Fax)
Curriculum Vitae
Research InterestsAfrican American Studies, Civic Engagement, Community and Youth Violence   





McKenny, Bernice

College of Business Building, 4th Floor, Room 436
E-Mail: bernice.g.mckenny@jsums.edu
601-979-3676 (Office)
601-979-9201 (Fax)
Curriculum Vitae





Tompkins, Sherita

Clinical Assistant Professor
College of Science, Engineering, and Technology Engineering Building, Room 276
E-Mail: sherita.l.williams-tompkins@jsums.edu
601-979-4331 (Office)
601-979-3603 (Fax)
Curriculum Vitae
Research Interests: Community Mental Health, Social Work and Disasters Relief, Cultural and Diversity Competency, International Social Work




Master of Social Work Program

School of Social Work Faculty (Charles A. Smith/University Communications)


Hernandez, Pedro M.
Associate Professor
Universities Center, Room 3-14
E-Mail: pedro.m.hernandez@jsums.edu
601-979-8868 (Office)
Curriculum Vitae
Research InterestsChild Welfare, Juvenile Justice, Disproportionate Minority Content






Jenkins, Patrice
Assistant Professor
Universities Center, Room 3-11
E-Mail: patrice.r.jenkins@jsums.edu
601-979-8897 (Office)
Curriculum Vitae
Research InterestsDrinking Behaviors among African American College Students, Collaborative Care for Victims of Sex Trafficking, Suicide Rates among African American Teenagers




School of Social Work Faculty (Charles A. Smith/University Communications)


Lee, Jaegoo
Associate Professor
Universities Center, Room 3-20
E-Mail: jaegoo.lee@jsums.edu
601-979-8747 (Office)
Curriculum Vitae
Research Interests: Child Well-Being; Child Welfare; Transracial Adoptive Families And Socialization; Parenting In Adoption And Foster Care, And Kinship Care; Special Health Care Needs; Social Worker Training, Adverse Childhood Experiences, Bullying And Cyberbullying, Health/Mental Health And Psychosocial Behavior Outcomes In Young Adulthood, Racial/Ethnic And Gender Minority And Mental Health, Social Technology Use And Health Outcomes, Racial/Ethnic Disparities In Health, Climate Change And Health, Social Work Education And Cultural Sensitivity, Online Education, Distance Learning, And Diversity






Schroeder, Julie
Universities Center
E-Mail: julie.a.schroeder@jsums.edu
Curriculum Vitae








Yoon, Eunkyung

Associate Professor
Universities Center, Room 3-19
E-Mail: eunkyung.yoon@jsums.edu
601-979-8749 (Office)
Curriculum Vitae
Research Interests: Health disparities and mental health of minority aging population, Cross-cultural validation of measurements, Geriatric/gerontological social work education, Gender/Women’s issues, Parents’ involvement for school-aged children & School social work