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Division of Student Affairs

Service Hours Needed For Graduation

"Student Affairs Cares"

The Alice Varnado Harden Center for Service and Community Engaged Learning promotes all students toward improving the human condition through civic engagement.  Beginning with the Class of 2014, every student graduating from Jackson State University must have 120 verifiable service hours to graduate (60 hours for transfer students).

Please be advised of the following:

  • Only students who have enrolled in Jackson State University  beginning in fall 2010 to present are required to complete the service requirement for graduation; students enrolled prior to fall  2010 are NOT required to complete the service requirement. 
  • If a student transfers at least one (1) academic credit from an accredited university/college, than he/she is considered to be a transfer student.  Therefore, students accepted to JSU with transfer credit hours are only required to complete 60 hours of service in order to graduate.
  • Field hours/practicum/unpaid internship/field experience and the like, must be submitted on official letterhead, from the Department Chair, to the Alice Varnado Harden Center for Service and Community Engaged Learning in order to document the completed service hours on the student transcript.
  • Any service hours notated as “In-progress” on a student’s transcript must be manually added to the total cumulative service hours.  This step is required because hours will change quite frequently in the current semester.  The final hours for the current  semester will roll over to the student’s official transcript at the end of the semester. 
  • Undergraduate students cleared for Fall 2014 Commencement may have any combination of the following:

o    120 hours of on-campus community service ; OR

o    120 hours of off-campus community service ; OR

o    120 hours of service learning (offered through an academic course); OR

o    120 hours of unpaid internship; OR

o    120 hours of field experience;  OR

o    120 hours which are completed through a combination of on-campus/off-campus        community service/service-learning/internships and/or field experience.

  • Students are encouraged to complete community service hours over Spring Break, Fall Break, Winter Break, and/or the summer however, approval of the service site is required by the Alice Varnado Harden Center for Service and Community Engaged Learning before completing any service hours.

Getting involved in civic engagement at Jackson State University is simple.  The Center has information on a variety of opportunities for community involvement.  Should you have questions about community service and/or service-learning opportunities, please contact The Alice Varnado Harden Center for Service and Community Engaged Learning staff at (601) 979-1294.



The Department of Public Safety makes available to the campus community a copy of the Public Safety Newsletter that is published yearly. Valuable information is available regarding parking rules, fines for parking violations, annual crime statistics for the past three years for the campus and information in regards to the department. The newsletters are available at orientation, registration, and may be picked up from the department located on the corner of Lynch Street and Dalton across from the College of Liberal Arts.

All students, faculty, staff, full or part-time, who operate a vehicle on University property, should register their vehicle with the JSU Department of Public Safety.

A valid registration decal should be properly displayed at all times. To purchase a decal, you will need the following:

  • Current Proof of Insurance
  • Housing Agreement if a Resident Student
  • Name /address and users of the vehicle
  • Tag number on the vehicle
  • Make, model, color and county of vehicle
  • Office or Residence Hall Number
  • Cell phone number for immediate contact (if available)

You are encouraged to purchase a parking decal and park your vehicle on JSU property. You are also encouraged to remove all valuables from your vehicle and to take the shuttle bus as opposed to walking alone.

Commuter/Residential Parking

Various areas on campus are designated parking spaces for commuter and residential students. All residential students may park in the lot adjacent to the dormitories, or any lot except for areas designated as reserve lots or reserved parking. Residential students must have a residential decal properly affixed to your vehicle.

Commuter Students Lots Are Located:

  • Short Street and Lynch Street
  • Walter Payton Drive in Front of Facilities Management
  • Walter Payton Drive Across from Tennis Court
  • West Side of the College of Education Building
  • South Lot by John A. Peoples Building
  • Eastview Lot
  • Pearl Street Lot
  • Athletics and Assembly Center

Commuter students with night classes may park in lots on the core of the campus after 5:30 p.m., providing the space is not designated as 24 hour reserved. At no time are students allowed to park in handicapped areas unless they have a handicapped tag or plaque displayed.

Our Vision

Student Affairs works to engage, retain and educate a diverse student population for success at Jackson State University and globally.  We enhance learning by fostering critical thinking, ethical responsibility, leadership, civic engagement and the cultivation of healthy lifestyles to create a transformative university experience.

Division of Student Affairs


1400 John R. Lynch Street
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Phone: 601.979.2241