Google Groups (listservs) or Service Account

Directors, Deans, etc. can request Google groups/listserv or service account for their units by sending a message to; the following information should be provided:

largebluearrow Short description of the service account orĀ group (purpose).

largebluearrow Name of the unit or department; for example, Department of Science Announce.

largebluearrow Desired Service or group e-mail address; for example,

largebluearrow E-mail address of moderator/owner (the person that will manage the group or service account).

largebluearrow E-mail address allowed to post messages to the group/listserv (if different from the moderator).

largebluearrow Excel or text file containing the initial batch of e-mail addresses for the listserv/group (one address per line).

largebluearrow If needed, the group moderator may request additional training to manage the group.

NOTE: JSU DIT does not manage groups, but may provide occasional support to moderators if requested.

More information about Google Groups.