STEM STARS Institute

The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Scholars Teacher Academy Resident System (STEM STARS) Institute recruits traditional and non-traditional students with a solid background in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. If you are willing to commit to teaching in high-needs school and meet the following criteria, then STEM STARS is for you:



  • Graduating college seniors (Traditional students)
  • College graduates (Traditional students)
  • Individuals interested in making a career change to enter the teaching profession (Non-traditional students)



  • A Master of Art in Teaching (MAT) degree from Jackson State University
  • A middle or secondary certification in Science or Mathematics
  • Placement in a high-needs elementary or secondary school
  • Access to the Cyber Mentoring Network
  • Learn to teach by observing and teaching in actual classrooms
  • Gradually take on teaching and classroom responsibilities over time
  • Receive ongoing professional support during and after the program
  • Make graduate studies more affordable
  • Get a head start on your professional credentials to become Board Certified


Admission Protocol:


MAT Degree Curriculum

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Dr. Dennis D. Williams

Coordinator of MAT/Co-Director of STEM STAR Institute

Jackson State University

College of Education and Human Development

Joseph H. Jackson College of Education Building, Room 309

(601) 979-2439

Email address: