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Technology Transfer and Commercialization


Jackson State University’s primary objective in licensing and commercializing technology is to maximize the likelihood that products based on the technology will reach the market and have a positive impact on the lives of people.


U.S. Patent #10,053,791
Name of Technology: Method for Obtaining A Composite Coating on Titanium Implants for Tissue Engineering
Inventor(s): Danuta Leszczynksa, Bartlomiej Wysocki, Wojciech Swieszkowski, Krzysztof Jan Kurzyslowski
College: Science, Engineering and Technology
Name of Technology: Oxygen Displacement Technology (ODT) To Remove Rust From Iron and Iron-Based Tools and Structures
Inventor(s): Dr. Hari Har Parshad Cohly, Rajendram V. Rajnarayanan, Bharat Subodh Agrawal, Hui Chu Tsai.
College: Science, Engineering and Technology

Patent #6,541,196

Name of Technology: Method for Measuring Camp Extra-celluary
Inventor(s): Dr. Ernest Izevbigie
College: Science, Engineering and Technology

Patent #6,849,604

Name of Technology: Phytochemotherapy for Cancer 
Inventor(s): Dr. Ernest Izevbigie
College: Science, Engineering and Technology

Patent #7,347,984

Name of Technology: Mammalian Agmatinase Inhibitory Substance
Inventor(s): Dr. John Piletz, Dr. Ming-Ju Huang, Dr. Kenneth Lee
College: Science, Engineering and Technology

If you are interested in our technologies or would like more information on intellectual property at Jackson State University, please contact:

Almesha L. Campbell, Ph.D.
Director of Technology Transfer and Commercialization
P. O. Box 17057
Jackson, MS 39217

Telephone: 601-979-1815

Our Vision

Technology transfer and commercialization refer to the process of transferring technology developed in academic or research institutions to the private sector for the purpose of creating a product or service that can be sold in the market. This process involves identifying potential technologies or innovations, assessing their commercial potential, and then transferring the technology to a company or entrepreneur who can bring it to market. The goal of technology transfer and commercialization is to promote economic growth and job creation by turning cutting-edge research into commercial products and services. Additionally, it helps in the development of new technologies, products and services which can be beneficial for society as a whole.

Technology Transfer and Commercialization


Technology Transfer and Commercialization
Administration Tower, 6th Floor
1400 John R. Lynch Street
Jackson, MS 39217-0280

Phone: 601.979.1815