Chauncey Citchens

July 6th, 2017 by giving

Congratulations to Chauncey Citchens on the release of her first book, "Meet McKenzie Mason"! In 2015 when her niece, McKenzie, asked for books for Christmas, Citchens was overjoyed that her niece shared the same interest in reading that she did as a child. Unfortunately, Citchens was unable to find a variety of books that featured black girls as leading characters. This was a challenge she also remembered facing as a child.

Inspired and determined to give her niece a story with a lead character she could identify with, Citchens picked up her childhood hobby of writing and wrote a story with her niece as the main character. What originally started as a story for just her niece, quickly turned into a full-on project when family and friends encouraged her to publish the book. Citchens hopes Meet McKenzie Mason will play a part in diversifying children’s books. She believes there is extreme value in children seeing characters, as well as authors, who look like them.

Meet McKenzie Mason is available on Amazon:

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