Mr. Korey Johnson

August 13th, 2018 by alumnirelations


 Mr. Korey Johnson, a 2013 graduate of Jackson State University and a second year MD student at the University of Louisville in Kentucky is a native of Eudora, Arkansas.  Mr. Johnson imagined a life where potential was predetermined from birth. Mr.Johnson expressed, "Growing up as an African American male in Arkansas, a former staple of the Confederacy; comes with a limited worldview."  He had not realized until recently, that he had never met or seen a black physician until his sophomore year of college. Although he did not have that specific example in his youth, he can now be that model for other young black children.

 His mother, a teacher and his father, a butcher respectively were always encouraging him to expect and desire more for himself. He was always an excellent student and never lacked confidence. Mr. Johnson subconscious thoughts of ever pursuing a career in medicine were swept away before it ever began. In his mind, black people did not become doctors. His concern about being an African-American male in medicine can be summed up in one word, perception. Perception is 99% of reality. How others view you can determine your trajectory in various ways; however the medical field has made great strides to improve diversity and inclusion.

Eventually, Mr. Johnson gained exposure to the medical field through volunteering and participation in the SMDEP program at Louisville University where he earned the opportunity to receive his medical education. Mr. Johnson ventures to look toward the future and the possibilities that are in front of him.  It is his hope to move the needle just a little bit further for the next generation.

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