Dr. Levertis Meeks

November 7th, 2018 by alumnirelations

Dr. Levertis Meeks, a native of Lexington, Mississippi, is a 2010, 2012 and 2017 graduate of Jackson State University’s College of Liberal Arts (English) and College of Education (Educational Administration). During his matriculation at Jackson State University, he established himself early on as a student leader and allowed his commitment to excellence and love for Jackson State University to mold and shape him into the type of leader he aspired to be and the man that he would ultimately become. His participation as a student included the following: Pre Alumni Club, COGIC Collegiate Club, The Shakespeare Club, Sigma Tau Delta International Honor Society, Graduate Student Council, Doctoral Student Association, International Golden Key Society, Alpha Kappa Mu and has contributed to The Blue & White Flash. Dr. Meeks took an interest in the life and works of Dr. Margaret Walker-Alexander where he was able to secure a graduate assistantship through the Center for University Scholars and work for the Margaret Walker Center at Jackson State with Margaret Walker personal papers digitization project. He has been an active alumnus of the Jackson State University National Alumni Association, Inc. (JSUNAA) since 2010, where he continues to display his love and appreciation for his “Dear Old College Home” through his work and involvement on both the local and national level. He has worked in Higher Education since 2010 in several capacities at Tougaloo College, Jackson State University, Mississippi Valley State University, and Lane College; he also taught in K12 as a Senior-level English teacher.

In 2017, Dr. Meeks relocated to Memphis, Tennessee to accept a faculty appointment at Southwest Tennessee Community College. He completed his terminal degree (Ph.D.) from Jackson State University and graduated in December of 2017 and became active in the Memphis Alumni Chapter where he was appointed to serve as the Director of Membership in 2018. Dr. Meeks continues to serve Jackson State University and the National Alumni Association not only through the roles and responsibilities tied into his current position but also through his commitment to the local chapter. Included in his most recent accomplishments, Dr. Meeks became a published author in fall 2018; he released his book titled The Transformative Power of Slavery and Southern Traditions.

Along with his current position Dr. Meeks serves as a High Impact Practices and Innovation Faculty member and a Southwest Honors Faculty member. He recently authored a grant that was approved through the Tennessee Board of Regents to take fifteen (15) Southwest students on a nine-day International study abroad excursion to Cape Town, South Africa to study the region and its global cultural impact. Dr. Meeks is active in his community by volunteering at the local library, Clean Memphis, United Way, and supports the Memphis Union Mission. Dr. Meeks believes that if we can’t be a service to our fellow man and community, then our living is truly in vain

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