The JSU National Alumni Association Present: The Black Tie Scholarship & Recognition Gala.

Friday October 24, 2014
7:00 p.m.
Jackson Convention Complex
Jackson, MS
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Jackson State University National Alumni Association Membership

The JSU National Alumni Association needs your support! Although we are a large family, and growing every day, each member of our association is important. Our members contribute to valuable scholarship programs, connect with lost alumni and stay connected to their alma mater.  Purchase your JSUNAA Membership Package today!

The Fiscal Year for Membership dues is July 1 through June 30 of each year.  All regular membership dues expire June 30th of each year.  Membership renewals are due July 1 of each year.

Regular membership shall be granted to anyone upon whom the University has conferred a degree or anyone who has completed at least six semester hours and who has paid his/her annual membership dues. Annual membership dues are $50.00.

Regular Membership Package includes:
Personalized membership card
Lapel pin
Car rental/Hotel discounts
Alumni car decal
Alumni newsletter
JSU Bookstore discount

Associate members shall consist of those persons who have not matriculated at the University but desire to pay the appropriate annual dues and pledge their allegiance and support to Jackson State University. The annual membership fee is $50.00.
Associate Membership Package includes:
Personalized Membership Cards
Hotel/Car Rental Coupons
Alumni Car Decal
Alumni Newsletter
E-mail Account/JSU Bookstore Discount

Life membership shall be granted upon: 1) submission of an application and 2) full payment to the association.  Alumnus must be a regular member before subscribing for life membership.  Life membership payments may be made in one lump sum or installments.
Applications must be filed through a chartered chapter of the association whenever such a chapter exists or with the national office.
Regular Life Membership ($500) may be made in one lump sum or in installments within one fiscal year.  Member must pay regular annual dues ($50) until completion of payment for Life Membership.
Payments made in installments shall require a minimum down payment of one hundred fifty dollars ($150), submitted with the application.
All other Life Membership levels may be paid in one lump sum or installments during the fiscal period July 1 – July 30) from the date of application.
All Life Membership levels greater than five hundred dollars ($500) require a minimum of one hundred dollars ($100) per year until the life membership is paid in full.
All Life Membership levels can be cumulative from initial life membership.
Failure to complete payment of the membership dues within the specified time limit will result in forfeiture of the application.

Life Membership Packages include:
$500 (Regular Life Member)

Life Membership Card
Certificate of Life Membership
Life Membership Lapel Pin
Alumni car decal
Connections Newsletter
JSUNAA Bookmark
JSU bookstore discount
JSUNAA Portfolio
Car rental and hotel discounts

$1000 (White Life Member)
All of the above
License Plate Frame
JSU T-Shirt

$1500 (Blue Life Member)
All of the above
JSU Sweatshirt
Homecoming Football Ticket

$2000 (Blue and White Life Member)
All of the above
JSU Windbreaker

$5000 (True Blue and White Member)
All of the above
JSU Wool Jacket